Republic of Ohio

Flag of OhioOhio Red

The Republic of Ohio was formed out of the post-EMP central Ohio valley region of the former United States. The Republic of Ohio was insrumental in the birth of the first American Alliance, the Greater American Cooperative between Ohio, the CSA, and the American Union.

The Texas War

Sadly the GAC did not bring peace as the CSA, an ally of Ohio, declared war on Texas and began a long and bloody war that cost hundreds of lives on all sides. Ohio helped mediate the peace talks between the CSA and Texas.

Assassination of President Caldwell and his Family

In early 1973, an unknown assailant assassinated President Caldwell and his family by setting off an explosion outside his vacation residence. In response to the public outrage, the Republican Congress created the FIA(Federal Investigation Agency) to find the terrorists before they strike again, and the S.S(Secret Service) to protect future Presidents.

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