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State of Ohio
Timeline: Days After Chaos

OTL equivalent: Ohio, Indiana and Illinois
Flag of Ohio (Alternity - 18th state)
Flag of Ohio

With God, all things are possible (English)

Capital Columbus
Largest city Cincinnati
Language English
Demonym Ohioan
Government Theocratic Elective Monarchy
  legislature State Legislature
Governor George Jackson II
Lieutenant Governor John Harrison
Area 490,601 km²
Population 3,500,000 
Established April 15, 1905
Currency Ohioan Dollar

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The government of Ohio is what is claimed to be a continuation of the pre-Chaos State of Ohio's government, though it has been transformed into a monarchic state. All of the power is concentrated in the hands of the governor, though there is lip service to a mostly powerless "State Legislature" that serves as a rubber stamp for the governor. Every four years there is an "election" though it has evolved into a Unionist ritual, as the governor mainly serves for life. The only time the election actually means something is when the previous governor dies without an heir, and then the only purpose is to make official the heir's ascendance to the governorship. The lieutenant governor serves only to be a regency when the heir is not of age. The Wardens, the powerful nobles guarding the frontiers of the nation, have quite a bit of influence. More than a few times the governor was overthrown in a coup by a particularly ambitious Warden.


The Ohioans have several nations that are controlled by trusted allies of Ohio. These allied states contribute further to Ohio's prominent position on the continent.

  • Directorate of Chicago: Ruled by the Lincoln Dynasty, which was established by charismatic lawyer turned provisional governor of Illinois Abraham Lincoln. Following the conquest of the Provisional State of Illinois he was installed as the leader of Ohio's vassal state based in Chicago. The Directorate of Chicago controls much of the coast of Lake Michigan.



Ohio has a distinctive regional variant of Unionism called "Presidential Unionism". They believed that the former United States was a great kingdom led by a council of great knights called "Governors" led by a wise ruler known as the President who would ascend following their deaths to become deities, though the "Father of his Country" George Washington is referred to as the highest deity.


The Ohioans have a list of very popular religious holidays that are well-known throughout the region.

  • New Year's Day (January 1st) - A holiday to celebrate the beginning of the new year.
  • Presidents Day (February 22nd) - A Unionist holiday celebrating the legendary Presidents of the United States, especially George Washington.
  • Tax Day (April 15th) - A Unionist Holiday where the people of the country travel to the capital to give tribute called "taxes" to the government as thanks for just rule. Ohio's vassals also send envoys to the capital to offer their tribute as thanks for Ohio's protection.
  • Flag Day (June 14th) - A highly religious Unionist holiday worshiping both the former American flag and the Ohio flag. It is designed to drum up loyalty to Ohio by associating the nation to the legendary United States.
  • All Hallow's Eve (October 31st) - Also known as Halloween.
  • Election Day (November 4th) - A Unionist holiday celebrating the "election" or "re-election" of the governor.
  • Veteran's Day (November 11th) - A Unionist holiday celebrating those who gave their lives for both Ohio and the United States.
  • Thanksgiving (November 26th) - A holiday celebrating the autumn harvest.
  • Christmas (December 23th-26th) - Three days of feasts, gift-giving and enthusiastic partying.
  • New Year's Eve (December 31st)


The Ohioan army is one of the largest and most well-equipped force in the entire continent. The soldiers are equipped with high-grade steel weapons and armor manufactured by the nation's greatest blacksmiths. The armor is a combination of Roman/Medieval-inspired armor and pre-Chaos American uniforms. The military consists of five armies of 50,000 which protect a region of the nation. Along with the battle-proven infantry the Ohioans also field an elite force of cavalry formed from both pre-war US Cavalry and mounted native warriors from tribes the Ohioans beat in battle. The cavalry's armor is much lighter, being mostly cloth reinforced strategically with steel.


Ohio is one of the largest manufacturers of arms and armor on the entire continent. Ohioan steel is known for its quality from sea to shining sea. Ohio and their vassals control the very lucrative river trade routes linking the prosperous trade port of New Orleans to the rest of the continent.

International Relations

Ohio has been the dominant power in the region for decades, with most of the surrounding nations seeking to curry favor with the Ohioans.

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