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The years seem to be getting grimmer and something needs to be done, and that too quickly. By the opening of 1944, many men, money and material have been lost by both sides, but the Axis seem to be on top. The allies need to regain the initiative. They choose their target, Canada, and begin to make plans. One of their objectives is to add India into their fold. To do this, Britain quickly gives India dominion status on the request they send their vast army to help the allies, who will arm them, to which they quickly agree.

The Allies choose a two-pronged offensive. The majority of the American army will focus on elimanating Japanese troops on their mainland while the British and the rest of the commonwealth will attack, cutting in half the Axis forces. The plan is risky but it is hoped it will work.

The allies finish preparing by mid-year and launch their offensive. The Americans rally behind their army and the Japanese find the might of America bearing down on them. They cannot hold on, even as reinforcements arrive, and superior American techology, i.e tanks, manage to overturn the Japanese.

Meanwhile, British troops charge into Canada, and completely surprise the Soviets, who were in the midst of amping up for another attack. The attack manages to give Britain a foot-hold and this is exploited to their advantage. Canadians rise up to support the British and the Soviets seems on the defensive, retreating quickly as winter approaches.

Meanwhile, the American make breakthroughs in the Manhattan Project...

Germany seems to be forgotten, and they successfully conquer all of France's colonies. They prepare for a huge offensive, but which way is it going to head?

And what about America, who will emerge victor?

The Soviets regain the initiative and counter-attack

The Allies succeed and push off the Axis from American soil

A stale-mate takes place, but a nuclear encounter cooks up

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