"God is on your side? Is He a Conservative? The Devils on my side, he's a good Communist"-Joseph Stalin

The Ideology of Failure

Communism is a failure and wreck of a belief, many nations have turned into a dictatorial hell from it, Belarus, Venezuela, Vietnam, Russia, China, and North Korea. Communism, Socialism, Maoism, Marxism etc, have never worked out. Even some developed western nations like France and Germany are turning into hell because of the liberal socialist ideologies that their leaders have in their heads. Now even the most freest nation (maybe) is falling into the grip of this rogue, senseless ideology.

The Big Switch

But what if the nation that collapsed because of communism, became the greatest nation, and the greatest nation had fallen to communism. For this is the story of the world where Russia and its allies won the Cold War against American communism spread from its founders, the original Eugene Debs, to the man of steel Douglas MacArthur. Which then would pass onto others like Dwight Eisenhower, then to Richard Nixon, and finally to the last Socialist of Ronald Reagan. Where Russia prospered thanks to a common mans king, Czar Alexander II, which then finally held Prime Ministeral elections in 1897. It started with Viktor Malanov who after being shot passed it down to Lennin. Russia would stay out of WWI for 3 years thanks to Liberal Vatutin Vistulov. The WWII hero Leon Trotsky. And the Cold Warriors of Khrushchev with the Red Scare and Molotovism, to Anastas Mikoyan who after being shot in Volgograd passed the arsenal of democracy Nikolai Vatutin who would succumb to Brezhnev. And later to Gorbachev and would end up with two candidates to stop the incumbent Liberal Bahrain Osama to the Republican candidate Vladimir Putin and Liberal Naina Yelstin.

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