Welcome to the hub of the Of Hitler, Ito and Wilson or OHIW ATL. Right now, it is small, but it'll grow someday.


Three events changed this world from ours:

  • 1900: Edmund Hitler, younger brother of Adolf Hitler survives the measles and recovers. He soon grows interested in arts like his older brother Adolf.
  • 1909: Jung-geun An, Korean nationalist, was caught by Japanese bodyguards in the Harbin Railway Station trying to assassinate Hirobumi Ito, former Prime Minister of Japan and former General-Governor of Korea. Before he could pull the trigger, An was killed and the life of Ito was saved.
  • 1915: A German submarine sank an US supply ship, which was on its way to Britain. This leads the US to join WW1 in 1915, which in turn leads to Woodrow Wilson having a bigger influence in the Treaties of Versailles and Saint-Germain.

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