— Confederate State of Mississippia
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Southern Ontario
Flag of Odawa
Flag of Odawa
Capital Huron
Largest city Huron
Other cities TBD
Language Cahokian, French
Religion French Catholicism
Southern Cult
Ethnic group Algonquin
Demonym Odawan
Chief tbd
Population 631,662 (1580) 
Established 1560

Odawa was one of the first confederate states of the Mississippian Confederation, having joined the confederation in 1560, only 2 years after the confederation was created by Christophe the Christian.

Odawa was also the first confederate state to be located above the Gichigumi, as well as the first confederate state to not be predominantly of the Mississippian culture; the Odawans were Algonquin.


Capital will be at OTL Toronto (ATL Huron)



Year Population Change
1570 406,745 N/A
1580 631,662 224,917


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