Oculus (literally meaning "The Eye"), born Mucius Bubulcus (2645-2716) [1892 A.D.-1963 A.D.] was a world-famous news reporter, columnist, and later chronicle writer. He also authored several theatrical plays and motio [film] screenplays, and a few poems. His most famous work is the seven-volume biography of Emperor Gracchus Laenas, published in 2712.

He was born in Gallia Narbonensis Province, as the son of a retired soldier. First, he studied philosophy, but soon turned to news writing. He first began working as a correspondent at the age of 17.

Oculus married four times. His last wife, Aurelia was 17 and he was 62 when they married. His son, Rufius became an actor, and gained success as the star of the Africanus motio-series.

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