Octavian Remus
86th Roman Emperor

Valentian 3 Roman Coin.jpg
Coinage of Emperor Octavian Remus
Reign c.1205 - June, 1207
Predecessor Saturninus
Successor Oebarsius (as King of Italy)
Full name
Octavian Remus Agrippa Augustus
Father Octarius
Born c.1179
Died June, 1207(aged 28)
Octavian Remus (Latin: Octavian Remus Augustus; c.1179 - June, 1207) was the 88th and last Roman Emperor of the Roman Empire.

Born sometime around 1179, Remus was the son of the late-Roman diplomat and citizen to the Empire, Octarius, and for most of his early life, he lived and served with soldiers whilst his father remained in the court of the Hunnic warlord Oebarsius. Shortly after his father's death in 1204, Remus was proclaimed Roman Emperor by Oebarsius in opposition to the then incument Saturninus, as he was the only "noble" citizen within the Hun's court. Marching south to Rome, Saturninus was found within his palace and executed, and the usurper warlord placed Octavian Remus in power as a puppet ruler. 

Throughout much of his reign, the new Emperor clashed with the Senate, and nobles, over the level of control Oebarsius had over the Empire. In early 1206, the last Emperor attempted to build an army composed of Hunnic and Germanic mercenaries to fight off the surrounding enemies of the state, and reclaim total independence from the Huns. When word of Remus' plot reached the warlord, Oebarsius led an army of 40,000 soldiers south to remove the puppet Emperor from power, something he achieved sometime in the June of 1207. Abdicating the Empire to Oebarsius, Octavian Remus was executed, bringing an end to the Roman Empire, and allowing his usurper to form the Kingdom of Italy.

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