Empire of Oceania
Empayar Oceania (Malay)
OTL equivalent: Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, East Timor
Eureka Flag Oceania-COA
Flag Coat Of Arms
Location of Oceania
Anthem "God Save the Queen"
Capital Sydney
Largest city Jakarta
Other cities Canberra, Portsmouth, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Suva
Language English, Malay, Papuan
Demonym Oceanian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Parliament of Oceania
Empress Elizabeth
  Royal house: Windsor
Prime Minister Geoffrey Rush
Population 232,575,000 
Established 1909
Independence from England and Scotland
  declared 1911
  recognized 1911
Currency Oceanian dollar
Calling Code +61
Internet TLD .oc

The Empire of Oceania is a empire of seven semi-autonomous territories under the Crown, making it a constitutional monarchy. The Empire is the only state besides the Maldives to recognize the former Crown of England as its royal house. The current royal family, the House of Windsor, resides in Sydney on the continent of Australia. The Oceanian Parliament meets in the city of Portsmouth, which is the federal capital, while Sydney is the royal capital. Oceania has a population of about 230 million, making it one of the most populous countries in the world, and is one of the most ethnically, linguistically and culturally diverse countries in the world, with Anglo-European peoples along its Australian coasts and on the New Zealand archipelago, as well as a slew of various aboriginal people, Polynesians on its outer Pacific Islands and a variety of Malayans, Papuans, Sundanese and Asiatic peoples who live in its Malay Archipelago.

The largest city in Oceania is Jayakarta (formerly Batavia), which has a population of ten million people and is one of the largest cities and financial centers in the world. The country is very religiously diverse, with strong Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist presences, as well as a variety of traditional religions amongst some native peoples.

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