Aupuni Mōʻī o Okeania (Hawaiian)
Kīngitanga Oceania (Maori)

Timeline: Great Empires
OceanianKoruFlag Royal Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Hawaii
Flag Coat of Arms

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka 'Āina i ka Pono (Hawaiian, Maori)
("The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness")

Anthem "Our Island Paradise"
Capital Honolulu
Largest city Tāmaki Makaurau
Other cities Papeete, Nukuʻalofa, Suva, Honiora, Apia
Hawaiian, Maori
  others Samoan, Tongan
Polynesian mythology (Hawaiian, Maori)
Micronesian mythology
Melanesian mythology
  others Christianity
Ethnic Group Hawaiians, Maori, Papuans,Samoans, Tongans, Rapa Nui...
Demonym Oceanian
King Kamehameha IV
Prime Minister Peter O'Neill
368,000,000 km²
  water (%) 20%
Population 30,000,000 
Established 1795: Unification under Kamehameha I
Currency Oceanian tiki
Time Zone UTC+10 - UTC-6
Calling Code +64
Internet TLD .pl
Organizations United Nations
 The Oceanian Empire, also known as Kingdom of Oceania is an archipelagic nation in the Pacific Ocean.

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