United States of Oceania
Oceania Hui Pū ʻIa
Hau Amui Oceania

Timeline: Celestial Ascendance
Flag of the United States of Oceania
Anthem: "Children of the Ocean"
Capital Rotational
Tamaki Makaurau
Soun Nan-leng
Language: None (at national level)
Religion: Traditional religions, None
Ethnic group: Various
Demonym: Oceanian
Type of government: Presidential, constitutional federal confederation
President: Kai Kahaulani
  per capita: 41,120
Population: 72,142,895 
Established: 1785
Currency: Oceanian dollar
Organizations: United Nations
Oceania, officially the United States of Oceania, is a sovereign nation which also covers the entire continent of the same name.

Oceania is an incredibly diverse nation, with many ethnic groups living in the nation, such as Hawaiians, Samoans, Maori, Nuiwhenuans, Tongans and Niuginis; among many others. Oceania has a population of 72,142,895, of which more than half live on the island of Nuiwhena. The nation is a presidential, federal confederation, with Kai Kahaulani as its current President. The nation is divided in many different states, which have large autonomy.