Ocean Boulevard (alternatively called 'O Street') is a street in Havana, Cuba that runs from the edge of Downtown Havana all the way through East Havana to the city limits at Rosslyn. The boulevard, which is almost seven and a half miles long, is known as a major tourist destination due to the prevalence of luxurious hotels at its western end, the world-famous Ocean Beach along much of its central span, and the pockets of nightlife, expensive apartments and shopping centers all along the road, culminating with extremely affluent beachfront neighborhoods at its eastern end before it diverts into the Cuba Coast Highway or turns inland at Rosslyn.

Ocean Boulevard is often regarded as one of Havana's defining features, especially as a tourist destination and due to its fame in popular culture. During the 1950's, Ocean Boulevard was called by actor Jack Kennedy "the Great American Pearl." Ocean Boulevard's prominence in the 1950's and 1960's as a center for gambling, prostitution, drinking and nightlife has led it to be compared to the contemporary Las Vegas Strip.

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