Principality of Occitania
Principauté de Occitanie
— Principality of the French Empire
Timeline: Emancipation (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées
Flag of Occitania without star OccitaniaPrinceCoA
Flag Coat of Arms

Montjoie Saint Denis! (French)

Anthem "Marche Henri IV"
(and largest city)
Language French
Religion Roman Catholic
Demonym Occitan
Government Integral part of the Empire, under direct authority from the central government
  legislature Assembly of Occitania
Prince Henri I
  Royal house House of Bourbon
Governor Jean Hollande
Established 5th November 1876
The Principality of Occitania was a new territorial province created by His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, in order to better divide France and grant new nobility titles. It also was purposed to make sure the nobility keept its loyalty with the Empire.

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