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The oblasts of the Empire of Alaska are the regional districts of the empire, each governed locally, that serve a similar purpose within Alaska as the individual states do in the United States. There are fourteen oblasts in Alaska as per a regional reform conducted at the discretion of the federal government in 1970. The oblasts themselves have no effect on Duma membership or the structure of governance in the federal government - they are designed for local authority only as the most efficient means.

Oblasts of Alaska
Name Capital Pop. Land Mass
Novorossija/Новороссия Aleksandrgrad/Александргард 2,500,000
Novoarkangelsk/Новоаркангелск Sitka/Ситка 1,425,000
Iukon/Иукон Iukongrad/Иуконград 1,940,000
Petropavlovsk/Петропавловск Petropavlovsk/Петропавловск 2,100,000
Okhotsk/Окхотск Okhotsk/Окхотск 1,450,000
Borodin-Rozan/Бородин-Розан Rozangrad/Розанград 1,150,000
Kialgoriy/Киалгорий Kialgoriy/Киалгорий 6,250,000
Evgenigrad-Krasnov/Евгениград-Краснов Evgenigrad/Евгениград 4,750,000
Lagodzhe-Luzhodiy/Лагодже-Лужодиы Selienkov/Селиенков 1,750,000
Mikhailgrad-Bozhone/Микаилград-Божоне Mikhailgrad/Микаилград 3,650,000
Bolyshie Ostrova/Болышие Острова Iqaluit/Ияалуит 30,500
Aleutskie Ostrova/Алеутские Острова Unalaska/Уналаска 1,500,000
Ostrov Grenlandiya/Остров Гренландия Novomoskva/Новомосква 15,350
Feodorograd/Феодороград Feodorograd/Феодороград 975,000

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