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North American

Vinlandia: North American Continent.

Gulf of Saint Wenceslaus: Gulf of Saint Lawrence

Saint Wenceslaus River: Saint Lawrence River

Saint Francis River: Saint John River

Chateau de Monticules: Irene Mound Site

Kē dí yà kè dǎo (科迪亞克島): Kodiak Island

Zhǎng wān (長灣): Cook Inlet

Shān huán bān hǎiwān (山環斑海灣): Prince William Sound

Mígōng qúndǎo (迷宮群島): Alexander Archipelago

Xiǎo dōnghǎi (小東海): Salish Sea

Tǔdì de jù shù (土地的巨树): Prairie Creek Redwood State Park, Humbolt, California

New France: North and South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana

New England: Maine, Labrador, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

Gran Mercado: Xicalango

South America

Brazil: South American Continent

New Spain: Hispanola, Jamaica, Cuba


Order by Global Distribution

  1. Christianity: 30%
  2. Islam: 20 %
  3. Hinduism: 15 %
  4. Buddhism: 13%
  5. Shintoism: 12%
  6. Taoism: 8%
  7. Unaffiliated: 14%

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