The ORPLEX, from the French Organisation Pour les Loyalistes Exilés (English: Organization of Exiled Loyalists) is believed to have been an international network of Albertists who fled France following the end of the French Civil War in the mid-1940's to avoid prosecution by the Sebastienite government. For the most part, the ORPLEX was an effort by fleeing officials of the toppled regime to find safe refuge in the Middle East, Asia, South America (in particular Argentina) and Alaska.

While fiction has led the ORPLEX to be sensationalized, there is evidence that the NIC and its successor, the CIA, sheltered wanted war criminals during the early Cold War in return for espionage assistance, and evidence points to a loose network ordering assassinations of anti-Albertists abroad in the early 1950's (most notably artist Adolf Hitler, who had returned to Munich shortly before his 1950 murder), potentially to prevent liberal influences from stopping a foreign-launched coup.

The existence of the ORPLEX is at the root of numerous conspiracy theories, in particular those regarding US Cold War policy. However, captured former State Ministry official and wanted war criminal Gerhard Mennecher, arrested in Portugal in 1968, described the organization as primarily being an effort by wanted criminals to escape prosecution and disappear in foreign locations. ORPLEX-hidden war criminals were been found and arrested in places as varied as Japan, the Boer Republic, Chile, and northern Alaska.


ORPLEX is generally believed to have been founded in August or September of 1943, in the weeks and days leading up to the Fall of Paris by a loose organization of Albertists, likely including Edmond's Chief of Staff Georges Robinseur. Immediately following the mass flight of French military and government officials to the southern countryside in the fall of 1943, missives were sent out from Francois Baptiste in the Pyrenees structuring a supply network of fleeing refugees on the way to Spain.

CIA Connections

Conspiracy theories and in popular fiction

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