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Hitmen are sent to eliminate Rommel. However, these men have underestimated him, and Rommel not only avoids being murdered, but manages to murder Himmler. as the leader of the Third Reich, he secures all lands, and gains a peace treaty with the allies, which even allows Germany to retain some lands gained in the War. Rommel stops the Holocaust, and makes Hitler infamous as in OTL. A cold war begins with Germany, the US, and Britain on one side, and Japan and the USSR on the other. The allies manage to beat the Russians and gain nuclear weapons. The USSR's attempt to invade eastern European nations is stopped when Moscow is Nuked. Russian nationalists are successful in their attempt to return the Czarist monarchy to power, due to most of the Communist government being destroyed. After WW-II, Japan undergoes a power change, and re-instates its policy of isolationism.

The End

Wegscuba 02:49, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

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