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The day comes, and Hitler, none the wiser, checks into a room. Your flimsy handshake makes him give you a nervous look. He dismisses your gesture, and after dinner, he goes into his room.

You sneak in there at midnight, while he's sleeping. Knowing the fate of Germany, and perhaps the world is in your hands, you tread quietly. The guard outside his room is promptly silenced with your bare hands. You go in to do the same to Hitler. As you walk in, you lean over his bed. the first thing you notice is that his moustache really is actually nose-hairs, and not facial hair. 'interesting...' you think. jokes aside, You prepare yourself for the most pivotal moment of your life, when a drop of sweat runs from your forehead, and hits Hitler's eyelid. They open suddenly. Hitler, much stronger than you anticipate, throws you from the bed. You fight as he screams for guards. Several run into the room, and separate you from Hitler. The last thing you see is the muzzle flash of a Luger.

The cause of your death is never revealed. As a result of the attempt, which almost succeeded, Hitler purged all opposition from Germany most severely. Several of the dissenters were in the army. Unfortunately for Hitler, that included his top commanders. Operation Barbarosa ended up a failure, and the invasion of Normandy came early. However, the western front was stalled, and trench warfare settled in. Meanwhile, the USSR invaded. in the end, all of Germany became territory of the USSR, as well as eastern Europe. With the end of the war came the end of the Manhattan Project, and the USSR got nukes first. Through several invasions, diplomacy and other ways, Communism came to dominate the world. The USSR became the world power, and the USA became corrupt and bureaucratic.


The world in 2000. red, dark red, and pink are communist Nations.

You never lived to see any of this, though. Your actions truly changed history - into a Soviet world.

The End

Wegscuba 02:42, May 12, 2012 (UTC)

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