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"your name, sir..." the Interrogator says. you do not trust him, so you race to find an answer to his question. "Wilhelm Müller. I am a Luftwaffe pilot" you say. Wilhelm was your brother, a young Luftwaffe pilot. people say your resemblance is uncanny, so maybe you may pass as him.

"Wilhelm..." the interrogator says "very well. may I see your papers?"

"Papers?!" you exclaim, with a hint of fear.

"yes. you do have papers, or some kind of documents, don't you?"

you think. you've defected, and you want to live apart from the Nazis. hoowever, this interrogator doesn't seem trustworthy.

What do you do?

Hand him my papers, the lie won't work

tell him you have no papers

tell him you left them somewhere

give him a photograph of your brother- it may be enough.

say you're tired, and wish to leave

Wegscuba 21:38, May 7, 2012 (UTC)

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