The 2013 Nyasaland general was held at the end of 2013 and resulted in a landslide victory for the Nyasaland Party.

Nyasaland general election, 2013
All 59 seats of the Nyasaland Legislative Assembly
15 December 2013
First party Second party Third party
Leader Tamandani Morrison Limbani Sawyer Deacon Jacobs
Party [[Nyasaland Party|Template:Nyasaland Party/meta/shortname]] [[People's Freedom Party|Template:People's Freedom Party/meta/shortname]] [[United Federal Party|Template:United Federal Party/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 3 July 2013 15 August 2011 8 March 2009
Leader's seat (Ran in Thyolo Central) won election Lilongwe City North Likoma Islands (Lost reelection)
Last election 13 17 26
Seats after 42 11 6
Seat change +29 -6 -20
Percentage 58.63 19.41 8.04
Swing +39.76 -9.97 -24.65
Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Thokozani Miller Sithembile Taylor
Party [[Green Party|Template:Green Party/meta/shortname]] [[Social Democratic Party|Template:Social Democratic Party/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 3 September 2012 18 October 2008
Leader's seat (Ran in Nkhata Bay Central) lost election Nsanje South (Lost reelection)
Last election 0 3
Seats after 0 0
Seat change 0 -3
Percentage 8.93 1.25
Swing +8.04 -9.77

Previous Premier
Deacon Jacobs
[[United Federal Party|Template:United Federal Party/meta/shortname]]

Tamandani Morrison
[[Nyasaland Party|Template:Nyasaland Party/meta/shortname]]


The election was called after the Nyasaland Party and Social Democratic Party joined the People's Freedom Party in a vote of no confidence in the government of Deacon Jacobs forcing the Premier to hold a snap election.


The election resulted in a landslide victory for the Nyasaland Party who won almost 60 per cent of the popular vote and 42 of the Assembly's 59 seats. The extent of the Nyasaland Party landslide is exemplified by party leader Tamandani Morrison winning the seat of Thyolo Central with 51 per cent of the vote despite the party having only won 1 per cent of the vote in the seat at the previous election.

The United Federal Party was decisively defeated losing all but 6 of their seats and with incumbent Premier Deacon Jacobs losing his own seat to the Nyasaland Party candidate.

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