Nut Island
Timeline: The British Ain't Coming
OTL equivalent: Governors Island
Governors Island aerial
Aerial view of Nut Island.
Location New Amsterdam Harbor
Coordinates 40°41′29″N, 74°0′58″W
Area 172 acres
Country Prinsenvlag New Orange
Subdivision / City Flag of New York City New Amsterdam
Nut Island (Dutch: Moer Eiland), colloquially known as "The Nut", is a 172-acre island in New Amsterdam Harbor. It is located in and governed by New Amsterdam. It was first named by Cornelius May when he landed on the island in 1624, naming it "Noten Eylandt," which translated to "Nut Island."

Nut Island is home to both the Executive Mansion and the Old Capitol Building. However, the Supreme Court and current Capitol Building are both located in Manhattan: the Supreme Court in Downtown New Amsterdam, and the current Capitol Building in New Haarlem.


In May 1624, the first settlers of New Netherland arrived on Nut Island as Cornelius May disembarked on the island to start the New Netherland settlement.

After the New Orangite Revolution, New Amsterdam was declared capital of the new nation. Nut Island was chosen for its seclusion from the main city and an ideal location to defend against any invaders. In the early 1800s, a new Capitol Building was constructed in New Haarlem so that the whole government would not be taken down if Nut Island was successfully captured.