Nusantaran Confederation
Nusantara Konfederasi
Timeline: Mughal Glory

OTL equivalent: Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines
Flag of Indonesia National emblem of Indonesia Garuda Pancasila
Flag of Indonesia National Emblem of Nusantara
Nusantara (Mughal Glory)
In the green

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Old Javanese)
("Many, Yet One")

Anthem "Nusantara Raya"
Capital Kuala Lumpur
Largest city Jakarta
Other cities Penang
Malay, Javanese
  others Indigenous languages
  others Christianity
Demonym Nusantaran
Government Constitutional Democratic Republic
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Prime Minister Boediono
Population 400 million 
Established 1953
Organizations United Nations, Commonwealth

After the Second World War, Gandhist protests began in Nusantara. Eventually they were successful and British colonies in Nusantara were given independence as several nations. These nations felt that unification would empower them and so Java and Malaya unified in 1953. Eventually, invasions and admissions led to it holding its present-day territories by 1970. This began an era of prosperity despite Singapore declaring independence in 1980.