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Goring, immediately after arriving at the bunker and being proclaimed Führer, orders a nuclear attack at the United States. All of the German nuclear weapons, originally destined to different nations such as China, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and puppets such as Japan or Korea, are launched toward the USA and its territories. However, at some point, it is discovered that the USA attack was a computer error, but it is too late. As soon as the USA realized German missiles were coming, they launch all of the nuclear weapons at a point. The missiles arrive at similar times. Berlin and New York are destroyed almost simultaneously, as are Vichy and Houston, Rome and San Francisco, and Sofia and Seattle. By the end of day, most of the important cities of both nations have been nuked. There are a few non-destroyed cities due to the quickness of the event, such as Florence, Dresden, Athens, Los Angeles or Bucharest.

What do the surviving governments do?

Fedelede 17:04, July 27, 2010 (UTC)

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