Nueva Viena is a large Mexican city on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in the Mexican state of Veracruz, located about halfway between the city of Veracruz and Coatzacoalcos, at the mouth of the Rio Olapa.

Traditionally, Nueva Viena was the center for Mexico's German-speaking minority in the 19th century, although as the alemanito minority assimilated to the Mexican population, this Germanic presence has become far less pronounced during the latter half of the 20th century, although it is still regarded as the main enclave of Austrian-descendant peoples in Mexico. For this reason, the city has experienced a degree of anti-alemanito protest, discrimination and violence over the years during various stages of turbulence in Mexican history in regards to the presence and influence of the German descendants there. The city's population is estimated at about 450,000 and is a minor port and popular resort town, and also supports a wide variety of local alemanito cultural festivals.

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