Nueva Granada (avarao)

Nueva Granada and associated States in Orange top is Nueva Granada bottom is Amazonia and middle is South Venezuela

The Republic of Nueva Granada

A regional power of Latin America that was established after Colombia re-absorbed most of Former Venezuela and the extinct republic of Ecuador. Before the the second great war. the POD to the creation of the new northern powerhouse of South America is the early military intervention in Colombia that stopped the Violencia from happening and subsequently stabilizing the country before putting it on a path toward a democratic state. A very industrialized country which major production includes but is not limited to: high tech goods, fire arms, vehicles mainly tanks and war planes and 4 x 4's, heavy industrial products and cash crops (like tobacco, coca, corn, etc), oil and steel. it boosts a population of about 46,000,000 with an ever increasing number due to internal stability, lack of severe poverty, and general good living conditions and food distribution. It's a nuclear power but only has three bombs at the moment - most resources in the nuclear program are going toward the creation of a civilian program, the nation relatively advanced.


it is a Federal Republic with a strong central presence and elections are held every six years with up to three possible re-elections in a row. the nation is divided into 23 departments or provinces along with the military territories of the Galapagos Islands and a few mountainous regions along the Peruvian border. the country is a multi-party system but power is held mainly by the military backed industrial party who have been in power since the late 1940"s and their recent coalition government with the workers party, which considered centrist progressive and liberal but with strong interventionist tendencies at a economic level. it is one of the few Latin American nations that doesn't allow the Catholic Church to have a say in running the country.


A nation that is drawn strongly by its tough "Latin values" and since its formation Pan Granadian beliefs in the recreation of old republic from the XIX century, the catholic Church has a strong hold on society like in all Latin nations but the church has no say in the countries running but it does have a strong hold on the society and its advocated values are taking to heart. Society is also influenced greatly by old native beliefs and the earth is considered sacred and is loved, family first is considered the greatest of all principles at an individual level. the military has a strong presence in society but it is seen as a good thing and the military upholds the nation's democratic tendencies in comparison to neighboring Brazil. most foods are from the traditional colonial era and some native recipes.


The armed forces of Nueva Granada include all nationalities with in the republic and are divided into four main branches: the army, the navy, the air force, and the Independent armed forces (independent forces, Fuerzas Independientes)

the army takes up between 5% to 8% of the nations expenditures, and the army is well trained and well armed with the latest arms and armor. The air force - while independent of the army - is coordinated along with them very closely and the navy receives the least attention of all the national armed agencies but is still respectable and looked after.

(Will go into equipment and weapons later)

Currently N.G. is involved in a five year long intervention in Brazil that doesn't seem to be close to finishing do to the simple size of Brazil and the slow approach Nueva Granada is taking to keep supplies in check, feed population under their control, prop up puppet regimes so as not to annex the areas and secure the support of the populace and deal with insurgencies if the pop up. Tons of funding and resources are going into this operation but the results and gains being made are considered well worth the efforts.

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