This grand finale to one of the longest and bloodiest wars in human history was decided in five minutes.


The USA had knowledge of nuclear weapons and their capabilities, and had already completed the first Hydrogen bomb. Germany on the other hand, suffered constant sabotage attempts by partisans and the CIA.

After Boadicea's success, German forces were recalled from Africa and the Balkans (their dirty work was planned to be done by local collaborators, specifically South Africans and the Ustashi respectively). The CIA knew that any full scale land invasion of Germany, even with Nerve Gas, would turn into a slaughterhouse, with a possible return to trench warfare. The Invasion of France Operation Suzerain had stalled, and a breakthrough was needed desperately.

So President Truman took the very hard decision to order the Hydrogen bomb to be deployed on several cities. Four B-52s were prepped for the task, while two would be deployed by prototype nuclear missiles.

Beforehand, with representatives of China, India and Britain at a conference in Austin, Texas, Truman gave a warning to Hitler that unless he surrendered, Germany would suffer "untold destruction on an unimaginable scale"

Hell's flames

On Adolf Hitler's birthday, April 20th 1951 the USA simultaneously ordered all four bombers and two missiles to launch their respective attacks on Germany. By noon, 6 fireballs could be reported in Danzig, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Leverkusen, killing approximately 10 million people and leaving vast tracts of Germany irradiated for generations to come.


Germany was occupied by the Victorious allies. it was split into three zones of occupation, one each for the Americans, British and the French. However, soon after the occupation began, the Werewolves came out into the open, and began the long and bloody terrorist war that consumed Europe. Poland was reconstructed, but could not regain its territory lost to the USSR. The Nazi war criminals were tried and executed, despite numerous attempts by the GLF to free them.


There has been significant debate over whether or not the USA's actions counted as war crimes, especially after the New York Trials. One school of thought said that the atomic bombings were unnecessary and that Germany was already beaten. The other school of thought said that Germany's armies were fanatical in their loyalty to the Führer and would have fought to the death if Hitler had ordered it. the fact that the GLF has fought as ferociously and fanatically as it does is evidence that the other school of thought may be right.

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