What if the nuclear bomb never existed for one reason or another and the US never dropped the nuclear bomb on Japan? Well, the planned invasion for Japan in October 1945 (code named 'Operation Downfall) would be carried out. The Soviet Union declared war on Japan in August 1945 so they would be part of the invasion, too. The Soviet Union pushes through China and in August / September 1945 while America, Britain and France push through Taiwan. With the invasion now in place, a joint force of British, American and French troops land on the Southern Japanese island of Kyushu in Operation Olympic and land on the 1st October. Similar to D-day, 160,000 troops land on the beaches except with a Japanese force of 500,000 the allied death toll is much higher (about 40,000 die) but due to a lack of equipment the Japanese army are defeated. Tens of thousands of allied troops station all across Kyushu and capture the island by Halloween 1945 with the death toll at about 800,000 in all. The Soviet Union make an unexpected break through on the island of Hokkaido in Northern Japan in November 1945 while the allies land at Honshu on the same day. The Soviets also land in northern Honshu and by December 1945 due to bombings, suicide and fighting the death toll rises to two million in total. On the 25th December 1945 the Allies finally take Tokyo and the Emperor commits suicide by Cyanide. Japan surrenders on the 20th January 1946. With the post of Emperor being removed. Japan is divided into occupation zones Britain having Kyushu and France having Shikoku (a neighbouring island to Kyushu.) America has Southern Honshu and Tokyo while Russia has Northern Honshu and Hokkaido. In 1949 Britain France and the US create 'the Republic of Japan' or 'South Japan' while Russia creates the Peoples republic of Japan or 'North Japan'. The Cold War still goes to this day but without Nuclear weapons. Korea is never divided and the Cold war is a lot tenser.

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