Millions of years before history recorded: A very large Uranium site is formed underneath Mount Everest.

1956: Site discovered by Nepal prospectors. Nepal becomes incredibly rich, purchasing construction materials from China to build hundreds of new hospitals, farms, and to urbanize the country.

1957: Nepal constructs their first space center and begins a space program. They begin competing with Russia.

1959: Nepal invents their first orbital spacecraft and sends a spy satellite. They start a lucrative business to exchange obtained data for nuclear-related technology from America.

1962: Nepal builds their first atomic weapon. They preform tests and launch nukes toward the Atlantic Ocean, gathering much data. The Cuban Missile Crisis occurs, generating mass tension between America and Russia.

1965: Nepal begins competing with the US in the Moon Race. They show their power by sending a nuclear missile to the lunar surface, shattering a large portion of rock briefly into lunar space.

1969: Apollo 11 attempts to land on the moon, but tragically, the Eagle's engine fails moments before touchdown. The Eagle crumples and explodes violently on impact, killing both landing astronauts instantly.

1972: The US re-attempts their mission. Apollo 12 successfully lands, but encounter incredible difficulty in the return trip. Miraculously, they survive and become heroes.

1979: Nepal begins mass-producing and stockpiling ICBMs. Nepal and the US enter their own cold war.

1983: Nepal is now the 2nd most powerful nation on the planet Earth, succeeded only by the US.

1991: Nepal and China broker a very strong alliance, giving Nepal even more nuclear power. Tensions between the US and Nepal skyrocket.

1993: Lower oil availability leads Nepal and India to be forced to declare war on Pakistan. Boris Yeltsin panics and comes to the decision of siding with Pakistan, due to its oil resources.. Hell breaks loose. America and the UK side with Nepal, China and India. ICBMs travel all over the globe. In just 42 hours, all that was left of the world was an irradiated, ashy landscape filled with rubble and horrendously disfigured people wandering aimlessly. Every single nation except Sweden and Japan have been officially destroyed, and even they will perish soon. The world has ended.