Nuclear Power is a nation with nuclear weapons (nukes). In this game, there is currently a wide race among nations for nuclear weapons, much wider than OTL.

Current Nuclear Powers

Nation Year started Year finished # of Weapons
Denmark 1944 1946 48 (+12/year)
Italy 1942 1946
Japan 1942 1946
Germany 1940 1945
Sweden 1940 1945 63 (+3/year)
Spain 1940 1945 107 (8+/year)
United States 1942 1945
Canada 1946 1950 27 (+3/year)
Australia 1950 1956 4x 1kt and 3x 10kt

to be used only as last resort.

Nations researching for Nuclear Weapons

Nation Year started Year finished
Canada 1946 1950
Soviet Union 1946 1947
United Kingdom 1947
CoLA 1950


New Zealand 1952 TBA

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