The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, or NNPT, is a treaty signed by nations of the world, agreeing to restrict the use and creation of nuclear weapons and later other weapons of mass destruction.

Mission statement


The signatories are not to produce large quantities of weapons of mass destruction, specifically nuclear weapons, and to not provide other nations with the means to do so.


The signatories must also allow routine checkups by the International Atomic Executive, as well as put in safeguards provided by the IAE.


The signatories must not employ or use nuclear weapons except as a direct response to a nuclear attack, which shall be proportionate in response, and the weapons should not be directed at civilian targets.

Outer Space

The signatories must not employ or use nuclear weapons on earth orbiting satellites, non the moon or out in space.


Signatories of the NPT are encouraged to disarm their nuclear weapons, as well as any other weapons of mass destruction, which would help the treaty’s goal of world peace and prosperity.

Nuclear energy

Signatories are allowed to use nuclear energy for peaceful causes, such as nuclear power plants and scanning parcels, but should not create weapons-grade uranium or other materials (such as UD3, or uranium hydride).


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