Iran's Nuclear Weapons

Iran's weapons is making a real problem between the U.S.A and Iran. The U.S.A says that if they Iran has nuclear weapons it may get into Al Qaeda hands. Iran is afraid that they are going to be attacked by the U.S.A. The response of the U.S.A is not true because the leaders of Iran are enemies of Al' Qaeda, they are in war right now in Iraq. Also is against Islamic War to throw nuclear weapons. Iran has a lot of enemies like Israel near them with nuclear weapons, they could evitate a war because both countries would have nuclear power. U.S.A invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and they did not have nuclear weapons but, they didn't invade North Korea because it does have nuclear weapons. For me a good solution would be for the UN to have the record of all nuclear weapons in Iran and where they are, that could be satisfactory for both countries.

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