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This is a list of Nuclear based Alternative histories. Feel free to add your own.

1962: First Strike
Attempts to bring a peaceful end to the Cuban Missile Crisis fail resulting in a nuclear confrontation between the two superpowers.
1983: Doomsday
POD is one of the most dangerous moments in the 20th century: On September 26, 1983 Stanislav Petrov is not the officer on duty at the Serpukhov-15 bunker near Moscow. Soviet satellites suddenly report a series of American missiles launched at the Soviet Union. The duty officer reports and Soviets launch what they think is a counter-strike of their full nuclear arsenal, leading to a massive nuclear exchange between USA, USSR and China devastating wide parts of the world.
Now, nearly 30 years later, mankind is still fighting for survival. New coalitions and alliances have emerged from the ruins of near-total nuclear destruction and all survivors are awaiting the September 26th, 2008 League of Nations foundation ceremony which represents the first sign of a hopefully more peaceful future for mankind.
A Nuclear-Flu Doomsday
POD has happened in human history on October 15th, 1963 and it's due of miss communicattion, WW3 has happened for next 50 years of human has either rebuilt to future or past.
Great Nuclear War
Kennedy decides to invade Cuba and provoke a worldwide nuclear conflict. This timeline explores the nations that rise in the wake of this event.
Korea Invasion 2012
The North Koreans decide that enough is enough and attempt to reunify the Korean Peninsula. The United States and other nations get involved and WWIII breaks out, turning Nuclear on May 29th, 2012.
Hitler is an American---Version 1
Adolf Hitler is born and raised in North America, thus, WWII as we know it does not occur, because Hitler is an American. In this version he is conservative.
The Y2K bug causes an accidental nuclear launch from the United States, prompting an international response and finally, the nuclear apocalypse.
Nazi Nukes
In the world of Nazi Nukes Hitler never exiled his Jewish scientists, including Einstein. This led to the Americans not being able to develop the nuclear weapons, but more importantly, the Nazis were able to develop better weaponry, including nuclear weapons during the war. And by 1941 with the help of the Jewish scientists the Nazis had developed their first nuclear bomb.
No Nuclear Weapon
In 1921 promising German theoretical physicist Albert Einstein dies in his first visit to the USA. He never makes contact with Ernest Rutherford or Leó Szilárd, and the Manhattan Project never born. A world without useful atomic energy, a world without the Person of the Century.
Nuclear Apocalypse
Two declaration of war turns out to be total destruction. Such countries are reconstructing from that fate. Yet dangers are still lingering.
Nuclear Realisation
Albert Einstein changes his mind over his support for Nuclear Weaponry in 1939.
Nuclear weapons (Hitler is an American---Version 1)
specific nuclear article
Sacrifice of Angels
A time rift opens up shortly before WWII, and bombs from a nuclear war fall through. Later, a deadly disease ravages the globe, and is only stopped by a winter that kills many more. As a result, Hitler is killed, the US collapses into civil war, and Russia is totally depopulated.
Shock and Awe: The Second Korean War
Clinton makes up his mind to teach Kim Jong Il the hard way that developing a nuclear weapons program isn't as easy as it looks.
What Might Have Been
An "althist within an althist" at which Kennedy lost the 1960 U.S. Presidential election to Richard Nixon, who subsequently drew the U.S. into a limited nuclear exchange with the Soviets over Cuba. The difference between this althist and others is that it is written from the perspective of someone in that timeline, in which our timeline is the real althist.
World War III-1956
Lester Pearson's UN solution fails and the Soviets aid Nasser repel the British, French, and Israeli forces. Escalation leads to World War-III.

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