In 1600 BC, a kingdom called Nubia was formed. But what if Nubia and Egypt had a war, and Nubia won and took over Egypt? The world today would be extremely different!



1600: Nubia is formed.

1595: Egypt attacks Nubia by order of Sekhemre Wadjkhaw Sobekemsaf I.

1595: Nubia sends 100 warriors to assassinate SWSI before Egypt attacks all of Nubia.

1594: Egypt conquers all of Northern Nubia.

1593: SWSI is killed and a new leader (nobody knows who) took the throne, ending the war.

1591: Egypt falls. Nubia takes over. All is peaceful for 79 years.


1512: Nubia expands north.

1511: Camel Nomads set to create a new empire, Nomania.

1509: Nubia expands west, while Nomania expands east.

1504: Nubia and Nomania finally meet.

1504: Nom captures some of Nub, making Nub furious. Nub captures east and Northwest Nom for payback. The war ends.

1497: Nom's population grows, so the army goes to find land that isn't all dry. They expand Northwest over the period of 7 years.

1490: Still not finding good land, Nomania reaches water. They sail across to what is known as Portugal. They expand to Northern Russia over 20 years

1470: Nomanian and Nubian leaders agree to merge the two empires to take over the world.


1469: Not capturing any land, the empire stays calm for 500 years.

950: A new leader takes over the empire.

948: Over a period of 30 years Nubia heads east.

918: Until 895, when the leader dies, the empire heads south.

895: The empire is in chaos. Thousands of people are dying of sickness or starvation.

894: Nomania splits from Nubia.

892: Assyria splits and the Zhou Dynasty takes Russian and Kazakh Nubia.

666: European Nomania splits into the Frankish Empire.

546: Zhou Dynasty captures Northeastern China.


347: The Roman Empire is created.

346: RE invades Tunsia. Nomania sends troops to Rome.

345: Frankish Empire helps Rome invade Nomania.

344: Nubia invades a lot of land in 3 years to get to Rome, to help destroy it.

341: After realizing that they went the wrong way, Nubia gave up.

340: Nubia joins Rome in a battle to invade all of Nomania.

340: One of Obama's ancestors died in battle before having children, so Obama will never be born.

339: Meanwhile, the Zhou Dynasty decides to expand. So they head west.

338: The Zhou leader is invading, then gets killed by the war.

338: North Zhou and South Zhou all vote for a different leader.

337: A civil war breaks out in Zhou.

336: North and South split into Russia (North) and Zhou (South).

334: The war in Rome ends in a stalemate. The three empires sign a peace treaty.

41: Russia went on a 41 year expedition to conquer as much as they can


1: Russia gets to Alaska.

2: In a period of 15 years, Russia goes west.

16: Rome goes north in a period of 10 years.

26: Nothing much happens for 974 years.

666: Most of the American Arctic is Russian.

1000: Assyria gets a dictator that wants to rule the world.

1001: In a period of 17 years, Assria goes on a capturing spree.

1002: Zhou fears an attack, so they send troops to go invade what Assyria has already invaded. In 5 years, they haven't made any progress.

1007: When Zhou stopped invading, they discovered Assyria has invaded most of Zhou land.

1008: Extremely powerful Russia helps Zhou get their land back, and to destroy Assyria.

1015: Zhou gets its land back, and Nubia and Zhou split Assyria.

1147: In 132 years, Russia captures the whole northern world.

1492: Columbus discovers America.

1647: Britain captures America. It takes a century to capture it all.

1747: Nubia and Rome help Britain pay russia for the rest of America.

1812: America declares independence.

1843: In the first time in 2,189 years, Nomania invades western Africa.

1870: Vladimir Lenin born .

1889: Nubia invades the rest of Africa.

1900: Zhou goes south in a period of 11 years.


1922: Russia turns into the Soviet Union.

1924: Nomania invades South America in a period of 20 years

1930: Rome conquers the rest of Europe.

1945: A huge civil war arrises in the Soviet Union.

1950: The SU breaks apart into Sovietland and Russia.

1955: The 9 empires all attack Sovietland, spliting it.

1979: Rome falls.

2011: The empires, such great allies, merge into the Free World Republic (FWR)

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