This is the Article for the Tsardom of Russia's Colony in America, Situated around OTL NYC, with a city in the
Novorossiya Flag

NeoRussian flag

region named Novomoskovsk (Neomoscow or New Moscow).

Cities And Towns

ATL-OTL equivalent

Novomoskovsk-New York City

Noviy Vladimir-Jersey City



The colony was founded in 1501 after Russian explorer and soon-to-be governor Dimitri Boyasin was sent off as a captain in a voyage to America. He made contact with the natives and was very tolerant of their existence, treating them like people that had no choice but not to know about certain European ideas and religion. The first permanent settlement and churches were founded soon after. The colony was an important part of the 1507-08 drought and famine, supplying certain foods and accommodating migrants because of this. It has been in slow growth ever since. Dimitri Boyasin was appointed first governor and served until his death 1540, aged 65, leaving his son as governor.

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