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Native to Novgorod Republic
Ethnicity Novgorodian people, Vladimirian people, Slavs
Native Speakers circa 540 million
Language family
  • Slavic
  • Vladimir-Novgorodian
  • Moscovian
  • Siberian dialect
  • Novgorod-Ruthenian
  • Finn Novgorodian
  • Samorodian
  • Caucasian dialect
  • Novgo-Mongolian
  • Kiev dialect
  • Chukchi'a
Official Status
Official language in Flag of novgorod cgg Novgorod

Flag of vladimirrrr Vladimir

Flag of kievv Kiev

Regulated by Novgorodian Language Institute

The Novgorodian language is a Slavic language primarily spoken in Novgorod, as well as in diaspora around the eastern European area. There are numerous Novgorodian-speaking communities around the world, specifically in Brazil, the United States, and Canada. It is a branch of the Eastern Slavic language family.

Novgorodian has some quirks that aren't found in other Slavic languages, for example there is no second palatalization. The letters are unique as other Slavic languages, as the Church Slavonic alphabet isn't used in the Novgorodian language. Because of this, most people raised to speak the Novgorodian language have historically usually been literate.


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