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Republic of Novgorod
Новгородская республика
Timeline: Closed Gate
Flag of novgorod cgg
Flag of Novgorod
Anthem "Песня новгороде"
(and largest city)
Language Novgorodian
Eastern Orthodoxy
  others Catholicism, Judaism, Islam
Demonym Novgorodian
Government Presidential republic
Internet TLD .nv
Organizations United Nations

Novgorod, officially the Republic of Novgorod is a nation located within northeastern Europe and northern Asia. About 80% of Novgorod's population natively speak the Novgorodian language; the other 20% predominantly speak the Kazakh language, Mongolian language, or various tribal Siberian languages. The population of Novgorod is around 45.5 million, mostly concentrated in the more industrialized western portion. In terms of land area, Novgorod is the largest country in the world, just ahead of Canada. The central government is located in the capital city of Novgorod.

The western and eastern portions of Novgorod are vastly different places. The western portion is hyper-industrialized and technologically advanced, and holds nearly all of Novgorod's large cities. The eastern, Siberian area is sparsely populated, and holds several undisturbed environments. After the bloodshed caused by the world wars, Novgorod established a neutrality policy in 1948. Novgorod is a successor state to the Kievan Rus, and that shows as it has an extremely similar culture and languages to its neighbors to the south.

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