The Novgorod Conference happened between the 10th of June, and the 1st of July 1794. This was the third of many meetings that ultimately led to the creatoin of and independant state out of the Russian Colonies in North America. This Conference was aimed at presenting the Russian Governement with plans for independence cooked up in the First and Second Continental Dumas, meetings that took place in the Novomoskovsk, the Capital of Novorossiya, and Novoarkhangelsk, the Capital of Kanada. The Conference took place in Veliki Novgorod, the Main residence of the Monarch of the Russian Realm, and comprised the Posadniks of both colonial Dumas, their cabinets, and 17 additional representatives from the colonial Dumas.


Antillian Dip: We wish to retain strong relations with the motherland in Europe, and ask for our separation to be peaceful. Russia will still be able to retain troops in all forts there as an alliance would still be to the advantage of both sides.


  1. The Antillians would keep the monarch as the russian tsar
  2. because of their extreme distance, the Antillians will elect their Vozhd, to serve with the Tsar's power, since it is unreasonable for the Antillians to go to Novgorod to elect the Tsar, the Vozhd will be the official Head of State for the Antillians (like the Gov. General in Commonwealth realms, but elected) whose term length will be decided by the colonists.
  3. Antillia will gain an alliance with Russia, and Russia would like to ask if Antillia would jopin in any wars Russia is fighting, and vice versa.
  4. Although a single customs zone is prefered, the reality of crossing oceans means that the Colonists will be able to set up their own customs and immigration procedures.
  5. A single economic zone is strongly preffered, although A free-trade agreement will be acceptable

Sound reasonable enough?-Lx (leave me a message) 15:29, August 15, 2013 (UTC)

Final Resolutions Given to the Duma of Great Russia.

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