11/19 Terrorist Attacks
Clockwise from Top Right: Nuclear Fireball in New York; Detonation in Tel Aviv; French National Guard Patrolling Neighborhood Following Hollande's Declaration of Martial Law; American Refugee and Medical Camp Outside Washington, DC in the Aftermath of 11/19
Date November 19, 2015
Location Washington, D.C.; Tel Aviv, Israel; Paris, France; New York
Result Coalition Invasion of Iraq and Syria; Pending Invasion of Pakistan; Declarations of Martial Law; Violence Against European Muslims and Syrian Refugees in Germany, France
Islamic State

Supported By:

Pakistani ISI Officials and Nuclear Scientists

United States,



Casualties and losses
15 suicide bombers 423,760 fatalities,

657,940 wounded

The November 19 attacks (also referred to as November 19, November 19th, or 11/19) were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS on the United States, France, and Israel during the afternoon of Thursday, November 19, 2015. The attacks consisted of nuclear weapon detonations used to target urban centers, government institutions and symbolic landmarks.

ISIS agents, having bribed high-level members of the Pakistani ISI security service, were able to smuggle four ten-kiloton nuclear warheads into the United States, France, and Israel, by boat and truck. Two warheads were detonated simultaneously in Washington, D.C., targeting the Pentagon and Capitol Complex. Hundreds of congressmen, political leaders, and military officials were killed in the blasts, which also destroyed key U.S. governmental infrastructure and killed some 37,000 civilians in the capital city. Roughly twenty minutes later, a nuclear detonation in Tel Aviv, Israel, destroyed most of the infrastructure in the city, killing roughly 50,000 civilians and devastating the nation's finance and industry. Approximately eleven minutes after the Israeli attack, a nuclear explosion in Paris, France killed 80,000, demolishing symbolic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. In the midst of international panic and confusion, a nuclear detonation struck Midtown Manhattan ten minutes after the French attack, destroying the Empire Stat Building and killing nearly 270,000, being by far the largest single attack of the campaign, by absolute death toll. While hundreds of thousands were immediately killed by the explosions, hundreds of thousands more would perish in the hours and days following the attacks, from radiation poisoning, burns, and miscellaneous injuries sustained during the explosions. Nations struggled to evacuate survivors and provide medical relief, given the destruction of infrastructure, unprecedented demands for medical care, and general environment of disorder. In the United States, France, and Israel, refugee camps and trauma centres were established quickly following the attacks, often lacking electricity, running water, and basic medicines and medical equipment. Civilians fled major urban centres in fear of potential nuclear attacks, leading to widespread panic, disorder, and looting. Washington, D.C., New York, and Paris metropolitan areas were evacuated due to the danger of nuclear fallout. Israel, due to its small geographic size, faced a calamitous situation, with nuclear fallout spreading across the nation and threatening the health of its citizens.

National governments responded by declaring martial law and suspending normal democratic functions. The United States military has detained hundreds of thousands of civilians without trial or charge, to fight rising disorder, violence, and panic. Israel launched Operation Retribution, prosecuting unprecedented attacks and carpet bombing on Palestine that have killed over a hundred thousand civilians, while preventing Israeli citizens from fleeing the country due to the fallout; the nation faces the destruction of much of its economy and infrastructure and the ongoing hazards of radiation in its urban centres. An international coalition, the largest in history, has initiated an invasion of Iraq and Syria to defeat the Islamic State, launching unprecedented bombings of cities and towns held by ISIS with little regard for civilian casualties. The U.S. Military has also announced an invasion of Pakistan, having initiated airstrikes against military targets. In Europe, Syrian refugees have been interned, and widespread violence (judged by some to be "genoicidal") has been prosecuted against French, German, and British Muslims and South Asians by gangs and rogue police. In the U.S., there are calls to intern Arab and Muslim Americans. The attacks have caused over 400,000 deaths, 2 trillion USD in property damage, and potentially tens of trillions in economic costs.



Washington, D.C.

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Tel Aviv




New York

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Timeline and Casualties

Each attack was a roughly 10 kiloton nuclear blast.

12:03:35 PM - Washington, DC (First Attack, Capitol Building)

Location: Independence Avenue SE, directly south of Capitol Building

Casualties: 22,180 fatalities; 62,560 wounded

Notes: Destroyed Capitol Building, Supreme Court, and Library of Congress; damaged eastern portion of the National Mall; killed all nine Supreme Court Justices and 267 Congressmen

12:04:11 PM - Washington, DC (Second Attack, Pentagon)

Location: S Washington Blvd., directly west of the Pentagon

Casualties: 15,590 fatalities; 16,720 wounded

Notes: Destroyed the Pentagon and damaged U.S. Military coordination, hampering the American response to the attack; killed key generals and military officials

12:25:15 PM - Tel Aviv

Location: Intersection of Ibn Gabirol Street and Arlozorov Street

Casualties: 49,760 fatalities; 78,700 wounded

Notes: Killed over 10% of Tel Aviv's population

12:35:12 PM - Paris

Location: Avenue de New York, northwest of Tour Eiffel

Casualties: 67,540 fatalities; 160,970 wounded

Notes: Demolished Eiffel Tower; toppled Arc de Triomphe

12:46:03 PM - New York

Location: Intersection of W 37th Street and 5th Avenue

Casualties: 268,690 fatalities; 338,990 wounded

Notes: Demolished Empire State Building; destroyed New York Public Library; destroyed Times Square

Casualties by Nation:

 United States - 306,460 fatalities, 418,270 wounded
  New York City - 268,690 fatalities, 338,990 wounded
  Washington, DC - 37,770 fatalities, 79,280 wounded
 France - 67,540 fatalities, 160,970 wounded
 Israel - 49,760 fatalities, 78,700 wounded
  Total Casualties:
  423,760 fatalities, 657,940 wounded



Economic Impact

Urban Evacuation

General Disorder

Medical Impact

Internment of Syrian Refugees in Europe

Killings of Syrians in Europe

Calls to Intern Arab Americans

Military Response

Coalition Invasion of Iraq and Syria

Tentative Invasion and Airstrikes on Pakistan

Israeli Operation Retribution