This Novels article is the hub for a series of stories set in the Superpowers universe. These are meant to fill in details of the timeline in a more distinctive media than that of an encyclopedia. The first one that I will be writing is the tale of the events that constitute the last ten years, a period which has yet to be filled with any information. All currently existing articles relate to past events or the current status quo on the 1st of January 2000 AD (2753 AUC). However, later pieces of writing will be set in any conceivable period since the universe's PODs, as they will all be kept within the realm of alternate history.


The Setting Sun

My first attempt at writing in novel format, this story will follow the events that began 21st century CE. It is split into chapters, each of which follows the events of the novel from one of four different perspectives. The first is Caeso Valerius Atticus, a former senator in the Roman Empire. As well there are the Romans Marcus Ramius Felix, scribe to Generallissimus Octavius Celer, and Lucius Axinius Quirinalis, a Legionary based in Parisium. Finally, there is the Conglomerate soldier Allech Cicutli, fighting in the ongoing Indoinsular War. More info is coming soon...

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