This Novel's page is to showcase the Alternate works by authors. It will mainly be for non-fictional novels in this ATL, and will help to show what hopes and aspirations people have with the newly acquired Aaash'n technology. Not all novels would look to the brighter future, and some will explore what could happen in a worse-case scenario.

Works of Dr Brian Cox

Mars: A New Hope

To summarise: New Aash'n technology has helped us open new door which otherwise might have remained close for possibly centuries. Here is how author Brian Cox thinks that it could benefit a planet in specific, Mars...

Venus: The Beauty It Deserves

To summarise: Second on the series of books which explores the possibility of Aash'n technology being used. This time we look at how Venus could greatly benefit from our involvement and how a Venusian Haven could turn out...

Works of whoever he is

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