The Novan Empire is an humanoid-alien creature based on the southwest part of the Milky Way Galaxy, with its capital called Krungae. It is an very young but very advance creatures, but continues debate over equality. The Novan Empire was formed in 1627 AD, and has been exploration in 1667 AD.


More to come...

Sol System

When the Novans arrived at the Sol System, they only sent probes to Earth, and began construction on an space station outside of Pluto.

Heres' what the Novans discovered about Earth:

  • Soviet Union and the United States are locked in an Cold War
  • They Possess Nuclead Devices
  • Israel is hated by the Arab Nations.


The home planet of Titan is made up of 25% of land, and 75% water and has an similar atmosphere to Earth, but the Novans can adapt to either, as the only difference between Titan and Earth is that most of the water on Titan is fresh water, and Earth is mostly salt water.


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