Nova Scotia was an American detective television that aired for six seasons from 1990 to 1995 on CBS. The show was noted for being something of an action comedy, a buddy cop series, and had romantic comedy undertones. The show was one of the most-watched programs of the 1990's, and spawned a brief spinoff in 1997-1999.


The show focused on members of the Nova Scotia State Police, which oversees the entire state of Nova Scotia (the only state in the country that has no local, only state police forces). The primary protagonists, Kevin Rogers (Alex Hubbard) and Laura Ferguson (Sandra Bullock), are partners with the NSSP, and often find themselves in situations of romantic tension as well as forced, reluctant cooperation; Rogers is a bit of a loose cannon, maverick officer, while Ferguson is a by-the-books policewoman who is a third generation officer in Halifax. The tension between them, as well as the presence of other potential love interests on the force, is a driving factor behind the show.

The supporting cast varied from season to season and included:

  • Sgt. Closely (Ben York): An African-American investigator who works most of the Halifax cases and is good friends with Rogers (Seasons 1-4)
  • Officer Jamie Moran (Christine O'Donnell): A tough-talking Irish Catholic rookie from Halifax, Moran sees Ferguson as a sort of mentor (Seasons 2-5). The character of Moran was introduced in the second season to serve as a conflict for Ferguson for the affectrions of Rogers, and later developed into a competent officer in her own right.
  • Lieutenant Alex Cross (Jim Ames): Introduced in 1992, Cross was a transplanted Englishman who replaced Captain McAfee as the head of the local NSSP division, and is widely disliked by the force initially, but is eventaully respected by his peers. Cross was introduced to add a more confrontational element to the series than Captain McAfee, and to be a competitor against Rogers for Laura's affections (Seasons 3-6).
  • Captain Caleb "Mac" McAfee (Josh Pennington): The head of the 8th Precinct, McAfee is a no-nonsense career officer born and raised in Halifax. He often clashes with Rogers over his unorthodox methods, and serves as a sort of father figure to Ferguson. He retires after sustaining a severe gunshot wound in the second season finale. (Seasons 1-2).
  • Dr. James "Joker" Coultroy (Jeff Goldblum): The chief medical examiner in Halifax, Coultroy is an eccentric, somewhat neurotic coroner who unsuccessfully flirts with Ferguson and Moran, and has a somewhat confrontational relationship with Rogers. The character was significantly expanded in later seasons. Besides Rogers and Ferguson, he's the only character to appear in all six seasons (Seasons 1-6).
  • Lt. Joe Perry (Rob Goeller): An antagonistic character from another precinct, Perry is Ferguson's former partner/lover, and once landed Rogers on probation during a blown case. Perry is rude, racist and misogynistic. He was killed by Cross in the season finale of the fourth season when it was revealed that he was corrupt at the end of a two-episode story arc. (Seasons 1-4).

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