NovaCorp International Inc
Former type Private
Founded 1981
Headquarters Cardiff, Wales, European Federation
Area served Worldwide
Key people John.R.Stevenson
Product Electronic Security services; software design, security services, and weapons systems
Revenue 2.139 billion (2011)
Earnings before interest and taxes 120.00 million (2011)
Profit 47.95 million (2011)
Asset 1.402 billion (2011)
Ownership equity 424.29 million (2011)
Ownership Undisclosed
Employment Estimated 120,000 (2011)

NovaCorp International is a European Federation-based private military company. The company provides armed protection for its clients, which is often the European Federation government, though not exclusively since the group is known to have employers all over the world.


NovaCorp was founded by John Stevenson under the name "NovaSecurity", one of the earliest wave of entrepreneurs to take advantage of the formation of the European Federation. The company originally practiced as a private close protection firm, offering services such as "Body Guards" to clients.

In 1999, NovaSecurity merged with "Web Shield", a internet security company also founded by Stevenson, and the company was began its armed security specialty, along renaming the new corporation "NovaCorp International".

By 2010, NovaCorp has appeared widely in the world, having several divisions in Europe and the Middle East, often aiding in protecting European Federation interests.


The company is suspected several times of committing war crimes in its Middle Eastern operations, though never convicted. The most notable of the suspected charges being the mass shooting in downtown Tehran in July 13, 2007, resulting in 183 recorded civilian casualties, all killed by NovaCorp contractors, under the reason of "maintaining order and suppressing violence".

Besides its questionable security aid, the company is also known to support resistance forces, such as the Nigerian Liberation Army (NLA), with weapons and supplies against the government of the region, under the premise of "aiding supporters of democracy", though it is well known that NovaCorp is able to greatly profit from the conflict of both sides.