220px-Wilhelm II, German Emperor, by Russell & Sons, c1890

25th January 1901, it is the funeral of Victoria, Queen of the Great Britain and Empress of India. Her son Edward and grandson Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany had a short conversation that could seal the fate of europe for the next five decades. British and German Relations were at their best and many people had been expecting the two countries to form an alliance but no action was taken until that day in 1901 when Kaiser Wilhelm pressed the idea to Edward, the newly crowned King saying "Not a mouse would stir anywhere without our permission."

Edward, however, believed that an alliance with France would be more worthwhile, and the Kaiser's insistance on building a navy to rival the British fleet, soured relations between the two nations ending any hope of an alliance.

What, however, if Edward had not rejected the offer that day in January and, instead, the most powerful alliance in history was born and in turn leads to a very different world war?



  • 23rd February - The Anglo - German Alliance is officials signed. Edward VII and Kaiser Wilhelm II have a portrait of the occasion showing the two monarchs shaking hands.


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