Autumn 1039- October 2nd in Hebedy, a council summoned by King Randolf and his vassals. He amasses

Siege of London

a united super coalition of 18,000 to reconquer England.

" I shall not sit fat while our subjects pretend to be free and be unruly to the Norse and the Danes we sail next dawn why they lay dazed, therefore I shall put an iron fist into their souls"

Landing on October Amble, he pillages the countryside to receives Edwards's attention who was residing in York,

Edward whose strength is far less is forced to march to war, with only 5000 fyrdmen, 2000 archers and 800 huscurals, at the river Dewent. November 15th Edward made a last stand, at the bridge of Tokfold, the Fydrmen stiff through the day with a desperate stubbornness against the iron axes of the Norse. Despite such numbers the English would prevail but close to dusk Edward fell from the bridge unto the river, and the English broke ranks, as the Norse Chronicle describes "In a breath with the passing of Edward they turned from lions to nags."

-The last of the English fled south.

But Edward was not dead, emerging from the river finding his army and shambles he, too, fled to London.

Christmas 1039, While the Norse winter in York, Edward reveals himself to his countrymen.

"Alas, I only slipped like a serpent into the river, God took me away from the upcoming death for we still have work to do, we Saxons shall live free until I die, for three centuries they cometh but we shall, like Alfred's Clan, drive them off the shore of this beautiful island one last.- The Anglo Saxon Chronicle

March 1040- With the coming of Spring every English lad that can pick up a spear have been called to join Edward in a desperate push to rid Britain of the Norse forever. over 25,000 join Edward's ranks, with the most of the recruits being peasants with nominal military experience, he builds a training camp on the old site of Chipperham pawning the royal crown to give every man a shield and a spear.

May 3rd 1040- King Thorestian II regroups the grand army to a standing total of 20,000 he meets Edward at Reading, the battle lasts for three days with the Saxons suffering greater casualties but still maintaining hold of the front line. On the end of the third day with no side gaining an edge Thorestian sees no point in this continuing stalemate and quietly withdraws. Edward decides takes the army to London.

May 20th Outside the gates of London Britain Gruffydd of Powys and Gwynedd launch a surprise attack on King Edward's army from the rear. Edward's army which had already diminished breaks quickly at the hands of the ambush. As quickly as the Welsh appeared the Welsh moved off. The size of Edward's army has been halved and the soldiers' morale had been broken at this point.

May 31st- King Randolf and Gruffydd agreed on a partition of Southern Britain, Gruffydd will take Cornwall Wales and the old kingdom of Gwent. While Randolf takes Central, Eastern and Southern England.

June 26th- London is under siege with a Celtic-Norse Coalition of 30,000 against a dwindling 10,000 defenders.

June 30th 8000 Saxon Re-inforcements from Kent arrive under Lord Etherbert combined with a rally of the garrison comes close to pushing off the Norse-Celt army, the Kent relief force fades away into the north.

October 2nd After Two months of Siege, the city of London surrenders to the coalition, Edward commits suicide, the remaining English Lords residing in the city swear loyalty to King Randolf of the Norse however regardless much of the English will be redistributed to Norse Colonists to put the country in submission once and for all, there are rumors still pockets of resistance.

Randolf's son Anoun is made Lord of England, on December 10th the city Auobjorn Abui is named shifting from the old Saxon name London.

This is agreed by historians as the official start of Modern England, unanimously referred to by non-Saxons with the Norwegian name of Har

Norse England (A Different History)

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