The First Empire of Norway
Imperiet Norge
ImpNorway.flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
  others French
Government Absolute monarchy/ Aristocracy
Monarch Carl Christian I
First Minister Daniel Amadeus Jensen
Area A bit over 5 393 000 km²
Population Over 460 million. 
Established 1814
Currency Norwegian franc

1814 - Norway was proclaimed an Empire when the noble class that was part of the government that was seated at Eidsvoll to sign the so called "Constitution of Norway", which the noble class was against, cause it would bring an end to the aristocratic titles they had earned...

So the noble class under leadership of one Carl Sverre Haugen rebelled against this new Constitution, and they used their power, money and influence to get the army on their side, so they stopped the Signing at Eidsvoll.

The country knew that if they were to survive they would have to be the leading country, as they knew Denmark would not be able to maintain its role as strong leader for much longer.

They put Carl Sverre Haugen on the seat of the Prime minister which turned out to be a good choice. He and his fellow noblemen made a new constitution, but this time it was called "The Constitution of The Empire of Norway." They put Carl Sverre on the throne as Emperor, and promised that all his descendants would rule as well.

Soon after this they sent ambassadors to France, declaring their demands if France still wanted them on their side. France accepted and soon the war was turned around.

When Charles XIV John of Sweden (or Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte as he was also known) marched towards Norway with his army, he would find the Norwegian bayonets walking over the border to Sweden itself!

It was a major battle that would never be forgotten at Karlstad, where the Norwegians won a spectacular victory over the new Swedish King himself who was captured trying to escape from the Imperial Guard of the Norwegian government.

The former French marshal was captured by a Captain of the Guard who he himself delivered the King to the Emperor himself who had been leading the battle...

After taking Stockholm Norway turned their eyes to their former ally; Denmark, who after a few weeks of war now surrendered to the Crown of Norway. Iceland soon fell as well...

Norway had now created a great armada and set sail from the docks of Stavanger, setting out to meet the English fleet. It was the most bloody ship-to-ship battles that had ever been, but in the end Norway had gone what they had set sail for: they had created a distracting maneuver so that England would leave Napoleon alone to to battle against Russia, Austria and what was left of Prussia...

By a shot of luck a medium-large Norwegian fleet encountered a young General by the name Wellington, whose fleet, which was transporting all his troopers to Portugal to stop Napoleon in Spain. The young general died heroically in a sea-battle not far from the Portugal city of Porto.

Norway had held its promise to France, and France now had to hold theirs. Norway had demanded that they were to get England as well as Scotland, but France demanded that they were to keep Ireland independent.

The Napoleonic wars ended in 1817 when the Norwegian and French forces took St. Petersburg after conquering their way through all they came over...

France now created The European Empire and Norway held their grip on Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, parts of Prussia, England, Scotland, Finland and a big part of Russia, as well as several other small countries.


Europe Anno: 1817


Today, the year 2010, almost 200 years after the Empire was founded and after that the end of the wars, Norway still enjoys a very aristocratic possession as the most powerful country in the world shared place with The First French Empire.

The relations between the two countries are at their best, since many of the people from the two nobilities have intermarried - for example the current Empress of Norway is the sister of the Emperor of France, and the current Prince of Normandy is the older brother of the Emperor of Norway.

Carl Christian the First as the current emperor of Norway and Napoleon the Eight of France formally known as Jean-Christophe enjoy a close friendship and they are known to be 1st class hunters, and at times they take Empress Caroline of Norway, Napoleon's sister out with them, she is said to be as deadly with a rifle as she is beautiful...

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