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Kingdom of Norway
Kongeriket Norge (Norwegian Bokmål)
Kongeriket Noreg (Norwegian Nynorsk)
Timeline: Hitlerland
OTL equivalent: Norway
Flag of Norway.svg Coat of arms of Norway.svg
Coat of arms
"Guds hjælp, Folkets kærlighed, Danmarks styrke"
"God's Help, the People's Love, Denmark's Strength"
"Ja, vi elsker dette landet"
"Yes, we love this country"
Official languages Norwegian (Bokmål / Nynorsk)
Demonym Norwegian
Government Unitary parliamentary Constitutional monarchy
 -  Monarch Haakon VII
 -  Prime Minister
Legislature Storting
 -  Unification 872 
 -  Constitution 17 May 1814 
 -  Dissolution of union with Sweden 7 June 1905 
 -  Restoration from German occupation 8 May 1945 
 -  1950 estimate 3,278,546 
Currency Norwegian krone


Early HistoryEdit

Main Article: History of Norway

Post-World War IIEdit

Queen Maud Land WarEdit