Kingdom of Norway
Kongeriket Norge (Norwegian Bokmål)
Kongeriket Noreg (Norwegian Nynorsk)

Timeline: Carpe Diem

OTL equivalent: Norway
Flag of Norway Coat of arms of Norway
Flag Coat of Arms

Enighet og tro til Dovre faller ()
("Unity and faith until Dovre falls")

Anthem "Hymn of the Soviet Union"
(and largest city)
  others Sami
Religion Church of Norway
Demonym Norwegian
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  legislature Storting
King Harald V
Prime Minister Erna Solberg
President of the Storting Olaf Michael Thommessen
Population 5,165,802 
Independence from Sweden
  declared June 7, 1905
  recognized August 13, 1905
Calling Code +47
Internet TLD .no
Organizations European Union, NATO, UN
The Kingdom of Norway )Norwegian: Norge (Bokmål) or Noreg (Nynorsk)), commonly referred to as Norway, is an unitary monarchy whose territory comprises the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula plus Jan Mayen and the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

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