Northwestern Front
Part of Russian Civil War
Date January 1918 — October 1921
Location Northwestern Russia
Result White victory
Northwestern Russia falls under White control, Bolsheviks driven out
Flag of Russia Provisional Russian Government
Flag of Russia Russian National Army

Flag of Finland (1918-1920) Finland
United Baltic Duchy flag Livonia


Flag of Russian SFSR (1918-1937) Soviet Russia
Red flag Red Army
Red flag Red Latvian Riflemen

Commanders and leaders
Flag of Russia Nikolai Yudenich Flag of Russian SFSR (1918-1937) Leon Trotsky
Flag of Russian SFSR (1918-1937) Nikolai Yezhov
Units involved
Flag of Russia Third Army Petrograd Army
1st Latvian Rifle Brigade
Flag of Russia 800,000
Flag of Finland (1918-1920) 56,000
United Baltic Duchy flag 78,000
Casualties and losses
450,000 420,000

The Northwestern Front (Северо-западный фронт) was a theater of operations during the Russian Civil War. It took place in the northeast of Russia, as well as in the Balkans. The campaigns there resulted in the capture of Petrograd from the Bolsheviks. The White forces received helped from the nearby United Baltic Duchy, commonly called Livonia (modern Latvia and Estonia). After helping Livonian troops put down Bolshevik uprisings, the forces of General Nikolai Yudenich besieged Petrograd, with the Livonians and the Finns. It was successful, and by 1920, most resistance was destroyed and the Northwest White forces converged with the troops of the other three fronts in central Russia for the final assault on Moscow.