Northwestern Arkansas is a region of the former U.S state of Arkansas. It was home to the city of Fayetteville. Fayetteville was the capital of a failed Arkansas provisional government that lasted five years after Doomsday. Today, the region is home to raider gangs, small nomad bands, fortified farms, and small city states ranging in population from 300 to 1800.

Fayetteville Metro

In the immediate aftermath of Doomsday the cities of Springdale, Rogers and Bentonvile and Fayetteville gathered together to form a provisional state of Arkansas with the mayor of Fayetteville as governor. The governor's first act was to declare martial law. This was an unpopular decision with the public. The governor lost more popularity because of his poor handling of food shortages, epidemics, race riots, refugee affairs and rising crime rates. Eventually, the president of the university of Arkansas and local businessmen Don Tyson and Sam Walton pressured the government to hold elections in 1987. However the election was deemed by the public to have been a sham and mass riots broke out. The governor died and the Fayetteville area descended into chaos.

In the present day the Fayetteville Metro area remains in anarchy. There are currently eight gangs are fighting for control for the area. There was once more gangs, but they either died out, were absorbed by other gangs, or have left the area over the years. The two strongest gangs are the Razorbacks, and the Slaughters. The Razorbacks consists of former students from the University of Arkansas, and the Slaughters are lead by a former Tyson Foods employee. Recently, the Razorbacks and the Slaughters have been rumored to be discussing an alliance. Several weaker gangs plan on joining forces if an alliance between the Razorbacks and Slaughters becomes a reality. These gangs rarely stray far from Fayetteville so that Joplin doesn't consider them a huge threat. However Joplin does occasionally send scouting parties to keep an eye on the gangs in Fayetteville.    

The Outer Spring Dale Farmers Defense Alliance

Byron P. Edmonds was a retired mining engineer, farmer, and hunter with a natural survival instinct. He felt that the Fayetteville government was winding down into anarchy, so in 1986 he decided to hire several refugees to help him turn his Springdale farm into a self-sustaining compound. In 1988, Byron and his neighbors formed a defense alliance to protect themselves from inner city gangs. In 1993, Byron and his wife Eugenia played host to a scouting party form Joplin. Although some of Byron’s neighbors decided move to Joplin, Byron decided to stay on his farm. However, Byron did allow Joplin to use his farm as a way station for future scouting missions. Byron died in 1997. His wife took over as the head of the Alliance until she died in 2007. The Alliance is currently led by a deputy named Eugenia who was once a refugee from Fort Smith.

The Walton Estate

In 1986 Sam Walton was disturbed by the corrupt and inefficient Fayetteville government, the increasingly violent anti government protests and rising crime rates. When Sam heard about farmers on the outskirts of Springdale were turning their farms into fortified complexes, he decided to follow suit and started fortifying his estate on the outskirts of Bentonville. Sam also decided to stock his estate with guns, food and other supplies from the Bentonville Wal-Mart Distribution Center. Today the Walton Estate is a self-sustaining compound, home to seventy-five people led by Sam Walton Jr. The Walton Estate is run like a feudal English manor. In 2005 The Walton Estate formed a mutual defense alliance with several smaller compounds in the local area. The Walton Estate and its neighbors are fairly isolationist, but they engage in limited trade with Joplin.

The Dog Patch Gang

The Greenland gang was one of several gangs that were fighting for control of the Fayetteville metropolitan area. Their leader eventually decided that there was too much competition in Fayetteville, so he decided to lead his followers into the countryside and start raiding rural communities. The gang wandered into Newton County and renamed themselves after their new base camp, the abandoned Dogpatch USA theme park. The members of the Dogpatch Gang jokingly started calling their leader Li’l Abner as a result. The Dogpatch Gang has recently been causing a lot of trouble for the Ozark League and the Republic of Russellville. Li'l Abner died in a raid on Harrison in 2012. The Dogpatch Gang is now led by Abner's deputy, Shmoo, whose nickname was given to him in much the same context.

Ozark League

The Ozark League is a small confederacy. Its population consists of some 7,500 people spread across the towns of Harrison, Eureka Springs, and Berryville. About 200 citizens of the Ozark League are refugees from Fayetteville. The refugees from Fayetteville included Don Tyson and his family. Shorty after arriving in Berryville Don employed several former students of agriculture and engineering from the University of Arkansas to build a makeshift slaughterhouse, tannery and hatchery. Don's son John was elected mayor of Berryvile in 2012. They Ozark League is heavily dependent on aid from Joplin. There is a referendum about joining Joplin scheduled for August 17th, 2013.
Center Street Split

Republic of Russellville

Russellvile is a small city state of about 3,500.

Early in the history of the republic of Russellville, the government named former US master sergeant, Ronald Gene Simmons as the commander of the Russellville Militia. Although Simmons was a good soldier, he was mentally unstable and wound up going on a murder spree in 1987. Commander Simmons’s rampage caused people to lose faith in the fledgling Russellville government. Eventually, the government of Russellville was able regain the good graces of its citizens, however.

Russellville used to have a diverse industrial base but it is all gone now. Currently the government farms and Arkansas Tech are the main employers. In the  2012 presidential election, Republican Tom Cotton defeated the incumbent James Lee Witt. Russellville has good relations with Hot Springs and Joplin.

750px-Pope County Arkansas Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Russellville Highlighted.svg


There are about 5,000 nomads wandering the Ozarks. They survive by hunting and fishing like the pioneers of old. They sometime trade furs with Joplin and Hot Springs.

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